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How to find a professional make up artist at short notice.

Surrey Wedding Gail Spooner Find A Professional Surrey Wedding Gail Spooner Find A Professional


I was planning on applying my own wedding make-up; but with only a week to go before the big day I've realised I definitely need a professional! How do I find the right person at such short notice?


I 've come across this several times over the years so don't panic!

First of all, draw up a list of local make-up artists from regional bridal magazines and websites. Once you have your list, use the direct approach and systematically contact each one to find out their availability. You may hit the jackpot on the first go but if you don't, persevere.

Generally, make-up artists have a support network of fellow professionals that they can reach out to if needs be.

Since timing is critical, do your research on the look you'd like; pictorial references are always very helpful so email this over as soon as possible so your make-up artist can start to prep.

If you haven't been able to source a professional on your big day, all is not lost . Why not consider booking a one-to-one bridal make-up lesson? This will minimise any stress and you'll be in the hands of an expert, showing you how to apply a flawless and long-lasting bespoke bridal finish . The demonstrator will also provide you with the list of products used so you can recreate the look on your big day.