Period Style Make-Up

How to look like your favourite actress - fantastic inspiration!

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Chipstead-based make-up artist Gail Spooner offers her top tips on period-style make-up. "Draw your inspiration from iconic actresses such as Louise Brooks and Clara Bow. Art Deco make-up was all about sultry doe-eyes and dark red cupid's bow lips," says Gail.

"Once you've prepped your skin with a good primer and moisturiser, apply a creamy foundation with a matte finish and set with translucent powder."

"For smoky eyes: after using a primer, apply a mid- to dark-toned eyeshadow on the lids, starting in the middle and careful ly blending up to the crease and outwards to fade. Line your upper and lower lashes with a dark shade of waterproof eye pencil or shadow and smudge with a firm small brush to remove any harsh lines. Curl lashes before applying mascara. For extra drama apply a few individual false lashes to the outer corners - this will instantly lift your eyes."

Gail adds, "Rouged cheeks require no contouring, just add a pretty rose tinted blush. Choose a powder matte blush or cream in a shade of pink, coral or apricot depending on your skin tone. If using cream, apply with your ring finger to the apples of your cheeks by gently patting and blending. Apply a powder blush with a brush."

"The iconic cupid's bow defines this look. Choose a red lip pencil and matching matte lipstick in a dark shade that suits your complexion. Line your top lip while slightly accentuating your cupid's bow.

Follow your lip line and stop the liner just shy of the outer edge of your lip and do the same with your lower lip. Colour with the liner then apply your lipstick but no gloss."