Winter Wonderland Bride

Using neutral colours to look natural on your wedding day.


Surrey Wedding Gail Spooner Winter Wonderland Bride Surrey Wedding Gail Spooner Winter Wonderland Bride


We are having a late afternoon wedding during the winter, so the lighting is going to be quite dark for the photographs. What do you suggest I do with my make-up to ensure I look my best for the pictures.


The key to natural-looking bridal make-up is to keep it simple. Neutral colours will enhance your features for the camera and a professional make-up artist will be able to advise you on the best products to use and how to apply them.

Natural lighting will be more subdued than in the summer and can make skin appear paler and features less defined. With this is in mind, you will need to apply more striking make-up to offset this, especially for your photographs.

Begin with a good primer like Smashbox Photo Finish to help your make-up's staying power. Using a matte foundation like MAC's Studio Sculpt will even out your skin tone and you should concentrate on achieving a flawless natural finish rather than trying to alter your skin tone. For a healthy glow, apply a blusher in hues such as apricots, corals or pinks. Although bronzers work well in the summer, they should be avoided in the winter as these can make pale skin appear orange-toned.

For your eyes, use soft neutral colours in deeper shades and avoid going for strong colours which are often found in the winter palette. Think mid and light-browns, neutral pinks and aubergine as these will give definition without making your eyes look too heavy. The deeper shades of these colours will work well on darker skins. Waterproof mascara is a must and use a hint of brown eyeliner under the eyes to complete.

For lips, use a good balm before applying a neutral shade of lipliner all over. Then apply your lipstick in a coral or dusky pink shade. If you want a more dramatic look, fair skin tones look good with expertly applied reds and for darker skin, deep browns or cool reds will make your lips pop.

Finish with a light dusting of loose translucent powder to set your makeup