Bridal Make-up Masterclass

How to get that flawless foundation for your special day.


Surrey Wedding Gail Spooner Bridal Make-up Masterclass Surrey Wedding Gail Spooner Bridal Make-up Masterclass


Flawless Foundation

  1. Choose the right shade by testing the product on your jawline.
  2. Before applying foundation, use a light moisturiser. If you have an oily complexion, ensure your moisturiser is oil-free.
  3. Next, apply a face primer. This will make your skin appear smoother and your foundation flawless.
  4. Choose a matte, oil- free, water-based foundation for the most natural look. I like Studio Fix Fluid SPF15.
  5. For a natural glow, try adding a small amount of MAC Strobe Cream to your foundation before applying.

Brighten with Blusher

  1. Choose colours that complement the rest of your make-up as well as your skin tone. For cool-toned skin (blue undertones), use plum, cranberry or rose pink. For warm-toned skin (yellow undertones), use coral, apricot or peach.
  2. For a natural hint of colour, I suggest using cream blushers. They're easy to apply and have a beautiful silky finish.
  3. Apply colour onto the apples of your cheeks. Smile into a mirror and blend upwards and outwards.
  4. Go easy on the shimmer! The light-reflecting particles will be picked up by the camera and appear as white streaks.
  5. Set your foundation and blush with a light dusting of transparent powder, try MAC's Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder.