Last Minute Let Down

What do you do when your make up artist lets you down at the last minute?

Surrey Wedding Gail Spooner Last Minute Let Down Surrey Wedding Gail Spooner Last Minute Let Down


It's two weeks before our big day and my stylist has let me down. I'm worried about finding another professional at such short notice and entrusting them with my wedding hair - do you have any advice?


All is not lost.

First, you can log on to your local wedding magazine website, such as, where you'll find a list of suppliers in your area.

Also, you can ask your make-up artist for recommendation as they work very closely with hair stylists and will have a list of contacts.

Finally, speak to family and friends and join online wedding forums to ask for help- many of my clients come to me by word of mouth.


As a general rule of thumb, you should always ask your stylist to confirm what would happen in the event of him or her not being able to attend on the day. All professionals should have a back-up plan with reliable colleagues to call on.