Prom Time!

I have been super duper busy over the last couple of weeks working with my stunning prom queen clients! 

Tips for teenagers:

  • look after your skin - it is never too early to start
  • Adopt a daily skincare routine 
  • invest in a good face primer with SPF

Last week, I had the pleasure of doing the makeup for a gorgeous young lady for her Prom.  When she met me, the first thing she said was "my friend's just had her makeup done and she hates it so is removing every trace and will do it herself"

Eek I thought - no pressure then...

Don't get me wrong, my prom client was delightful but clearly anxious given her friend's experience! 

Suffice to say, she loved her makeup look and I thought she looked like a modern day Lana Turner! 

The gorgeous young lady in question went on to win prom Queen - hardly surprising as she oozed natural style and charm - the makeup was simply the finishing touch! 

Here she is:  Thank you Gabby! 

IMG 6941

IMG 6950IMG 6953IMG 6923