Top Tanning Tips

With two more Bank Holidays fast approaching, we have our (perfectly manicured) fingers and toes crossed for plenty of sunshine. Whether you’re panning a vacation or staycation - it’s probably time to peel away those Winter layers and enjoy a daily shot of vitamin D from the brightest object in our solar system - with SPF protection of course!

As we move closer to the Summer months (it’s approaching 23 degrees as I write this), sleeves and hemlines are creeping upwards and our primary focus is on getting that natural sun-kissed glow. Even the most avid of sun worshippers are faking it these days to protect their skin against the ravages of ultra violet rays.

Whether you are rocking the deep bronzed goddess look à la Cheryl Cole or the subtle faux glow of Gwyneth Paltrow, I recommend a professional spray tan for ease and speed. The DIY route, if you haven’t done it before, is time intensive and can result in streaky patches - never a good look!

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