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Find out about "HD" make-up and how it can minimise all your imperfections.


Surrey Wedding Gail Spooner Big Day ReadySurrey Wedding Gail Spooner Big Day Ready


I keep hearing the term ‘HD make-up’ but I’m unsure what this means and whether it’s something to try for my wedding day – help!


THD or high definition cameras capture the reality, just as others see your face in real life.

Many cosmetic brands now offer products to give a natural finish in front of these cameras. Generally, HD makeup will contain light-reflecting properties which can minimise imperfections to produce a flawless coverage with staying power, which is why it’s popular among brides.

There are many ranges on the market that claim to be HD ready therefore it’s more about the expertise of your make-up artist.

Airbrushing foundation on to the skin has become incredibly popular as it gives an unblemished finish due to its formulation, which is almost invisible to the naked eye. Generally, my clients now request airbrushing rather than the traditional brush application – it really does work wonders for imperfections!

However, as I always stress, it’s all about the preparation of the skin. A clear blank canvas will result in perfect make-up application. Adopting a daily skincare routine while eating a healthy diet will keep your skin in tip-top condition – hydrated, balanced and fresh. Makeup Forever and Airbase UK have some fabulous HD-ready products which I’ve tried and tested but please be mindful that HD make-up is more representative of a technique than a brand.

Tips for HD make-up application:

  • Adopt a daily skincare regime
  • Any make-up application should enhance not hide your skin
  • Applying your foundation by airbrushing will produce a flawless finish. If using regular foundation, buff it on rather than brush which allows skin to shine through
  • Contour and highlight to accentuate your best features