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Finding a good foundation and any other skin care products for oily skin that will control the shine


I am getting married in the Summer and I have a very oily skin. I do not want a shiny face on my wedding day – especially in my photos! Can you recommend a good foundation and any other skin care products which will control the shine?


No matter what skin type you have, the key to achieving a flawless finish is to prep the skin first with some well chosen skincare products suited to your skin type. On a clean face, start by applying a moisturiser with a light consistency and an oil-free formula – this will hydrate your skin whilst providing a smooth base on which to apply foundation. After moisturising, I use a “mattefying” cream and is a favourite of mine for keeping bridal makeups non-shiny (especially good for photos). Once applied, the cream acts like a powder on the skin and provides a smooth matte finish.

You do not need a huge amount of product and it should be applied after your moisturiser on the T-zone, which is generally the oiliest part of the face. Now you are ready to apply your foundation. There are many on the market but my preference is either a powder foundation or a water-based liquid foundation – both of which work very well on oily complexions and provide a good coverage without being too cakey. I find it is more hygienic to apply these products with a brush and you achieve a smoother finish (using finger tips can transfer oil onto the face which we are trying to minimise!). Finish off with some translucent powder.

Gail’s expert tip: To maintain your perfect matte finish throughout the day, keep a pack of blot sheets handy. These blot sheets will not disturb or remove your make-up – simply blot one sheet onto the problem area to remove any excess oil. A discreet and ideal quick fix! For above product details and stockists – please contact me on